Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hair Investment Tools

Quick Mist oil sprayerIf you have extremely dry and natural hair like me, no doubt you've experimented with dozens of hair products. After deciding to shun the mineral oils and petrolatum products and switch to natural oils I turned to Carol's Daughter. Their most popular hair product, Khoret Amen Hair Oil, $22, is also my favorite. The old pump sprayer I tried to use was messy, but the Quick Mist oil sprayer from Williams-Sonoma sprays an even mist. Designed for kitchen use, this environmentally friendly non-aerosol sprayer uses your hand pump action to create the spray pressure. For only $17, it's a worthy hair investment.

1 comment:

Tamar said...

i love that you use a kitchen gadget meant for your hair! (tho olive oil is prob good for your hair too!)

i really want carol's daughter products. if only they weren't slightly $$.