Thursday, June 26, 2008

What Price Clear Skin?

Kinerase Clear SkinThe skin on my face has been plotting against me ever since puberty.  Retin-A Micro worked for one blissful summer, yet until now I've never found a non-prescription product that worked as consistently well as Kinerase Clear Skin. The not so secret ingredient is kinetin, a kind of plant hormone known for it's anti-aging properties. With just the Clear Skin Moisture Light along with my other cleansers and scrubs, I've noticed a significant reduction in blemishes and the fading of acne scars. That translates into less application of base and concealer, a more natural look. My ultimate goal is to look fabulous without any makeup and so far the results with just one product have me convinced that I might just make it there. Since I've come to the end of my Moisture Light bottle, the sensible thing to do is upgrade to a proper three-step beauty regimen at a price I can live with. ($85)

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