Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Top Five: Julie Haus

Dresses are my thing, whether brand new, vintage, designer or low-end, all things girlie reside in my closet. Of my two tiny closets, one is devoted solely to the frock and I never have enough. Since most women today tend to lean towards casual apparel like slacks or jeans, the befrocked woman is bound to stand out. An added benefit is the extra attention from men who tend to be a bit more chivalrous to a woman in a dress.
1. Gigi navy silk shirtdress (center), $355
2. Madison pintucked silk print dress (left), $438
3. Princess silk taffeta empire dress (right), $393
4. Madamoiselle crinkle silk chiffon dress, $393
5. Peyton Grecian Keys cotton twill dress, $325

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