Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bone Cuffs-n-Harmony

18K Elsa Peretti Bone Cuff Wonder Woman's arsenal included a pair of bullet-deflecting golden bracelets. Should Beyoncé score the role as Amazon Princess, let's hope the wardrobe includes the Bone Cuff in 18K yellow gold. Famed jewelry designer Elsa Peretti re-forged the iconic accessory into a completely organic shape based on the contours of human anatomy. Lovey! ($6,400)


Victoria said...

This bone cuff in yellow cold is fabulous. The shape isn't too conventional and is quite artsy. I always love to pair gold jewelry with the color blue. I was browsing through some Spring fashion shows, specifically the Ungaro 2009 Spring Paris Fashion Show, and I think this bracelet would go perfectly with this outfit (,0,35). Just how the structure of the dress is loose and flowy, the bracelet somewhat inhibits the style of the dress.

SistaSoFine said...

Excellent assessment! I just clicked through the entire Ungaro gallery. Your pick and the purple dress are the best of the bunch. I don't get the hat... must be some homage to the film "The Lover".