Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hat In Hand

Rag & Bone Kingsley Hat
Princess Fedora, heart-stricken that her fiancé is slain, plans her revenge against his murderer. Yet unbeknownst to the princess, the death was a crime of passion! A jealous husband discovered an illicit affair between his wife and the Princess' betrothed, who in truth was a fortune-seeking scoundrel. As goes the plot of the 1882 French play, Fedora, the title of which lent its name to one of the most famous types of head coverings in the 20th century. What is surprising is that the hat was actually worn by the heroine, that's right; the fedora began as a female fashion accessory! You can reclaim your fashion inheritance by purchasing this handsome felted wool fedora by Rag & Bone. ($160)

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