Friday, April 8, 2011

Summer Boot

What we Americans might call an ankle bootie is referred to as a Summer Boot in Brazil. Typically this open-air ankle bootie has cutouts or similar warm weather embellishments that differentiates it from a sandal or boot. This is not to be confused with the Shoe Boot, which more closely resembles a closed toe shoetie. Brazilian purveyor Luz da Lua (Moonlight) created this Chanel-like baby blue leather summer boot with the bow-tie trim and perforated body. This is a big brand South of the Equator; so the next time you find yourself in Rio, please pick up a pair for me. Thank you. (R$ 289,90)

1 comment:

IMHOTEP the Architect said...

For that price don't they make more versatile booties like with a detachable front toe portion for summer wear and reattach for winter wear? Other than that I like these for my lady. (she'll look like a super heroine!)