Friday, October 26, 2007

Romantic Notions

Satin and Swarovski BangleGo ahead and call me a romantic, but there's something sweet and atypically feminine about ribbons. Women of the past used frippery, notions, trims and tassels to decorate every bit of finery from lingerie to bonnets. Ribbon-wrapped bangles, are most likely the one piece of ornamentation you currently don't have. Available in 10 colors, each is embellished with a Swarovski crystals-studded bow for added bling. Smashing over white leather debutante gloves, stack them or wear singularly on each wrist. (€38/$54)


Bobble Bee said...

Those purses are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Love ribbon bracelets--any variation really. I bought my first just recently and can't stop wearing it.