Thursday, November 1, 2007

Swash Buckled

Square Buckle ClutchAvast Ye! Take heed of this daytime clutch purse. Typically employed to compliment evening wear; sleek, tubular and shiny have been the most popular ingredients. The Shiny Squirrel, a showcase for new designers, offers an interesting alternative in a soft calfskin leather square buckle clutch, successfully bucking the trend. Fits comfortably underarm and most excellent paired with skinny jeans tucked into fold over boots. More pirate than pilgrim, the buckle puts me in the mind of Captain Jack Sparrow. Aye. ($120)


WendyB said...

I like pirates and pilgrims so it's all good! Very cute.

Bobble Bee said...

It's so "The Three Musketeers"!
I really like everything inspired by that period although probably they thought of pirates as Wendy said..

Neha said...

I adore this! Thanks for the great find... this is much more budget than the Marc Jacobs clutch Ive been eyeing