Saturday, July 19, 2008

Buckle Up

Sista Shei Halter Underwire Bra and Buckle BriefYou don't know Shei until you've tasted Sista Shei! OK, that's my mock tag-line for the funzo lingerie brand, I mean come on... a halter under-wire buckle bra and matching brief? I must have it! Designed for the youth contingent, the strap is of course meant to be seen but even more convenient to be worn beneath a halter dress.  The tuxedo-styled tailoring represents the best of semi-formal styled lingerie. Get ready to ride on the nylon and spandex highway, so don't expect the set to last more than a few seasons with repeated wear. Still an incredibly worthy purchase methinks. ($80)


Anonymous said...

this is so super cute.

Anonymous said...

there you can search by designer and city to find your faves. I think you'll love this!