Sunday, July 20, 2008


Rheanna Lingham Gold Embroidered intricate wreath shape necklaceI have seen goldwork embroidery on ancient textiles and artwork, but cannot recall having seen it interpreted into a stunning piece of jewelry until now. British designer Rheanna Lingham has burst onto the scene with her feather creations and a beguiling piece of wearable art simply called, gold embroidered necklace . Due to lack of description, I'm guessing that it's created from Gold Bullion, which is a very fine hollow tube of 2% gold cut and sewn down like a bead and traditionally used on military uniforms or church vestments. The double laurel design is backed with dark colored felt or velvet cloth with an goldtone metal chain. The absolutely flawless technique, uncommon since the middle ages won't be seen on many a neck this century. Pair with a black cashmere turtleneck or a gorgeous Chanel LBD. ($178)

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vanessa said...

I love this. I think I would wear it with something floaty with shapely sleeves.