Friday, May 20, 2011

All the Right Moves

The search for the perfect picnic/beach blanket must meet these specific criteria:  large enough for at least 3 people, thick enough to keep out the wet and cold of the ground, strong enough to survive wine spills while managing to be tasteful and subdued in color and design. So what did I find? you ask. The Supreme Mover Moving Blanket! Built "Ford tough" and weighing in at nearly 8lbs, it's got a quilted cotton/poly blend cover with recycled cotton filler, and a double-stitched binding making it nearly indestructible. Sized 72"x80" and available in a pack of 4, the black and white blankets are multi-functional. One will be used as a cat bed, two will be reserved for park and beach outings, and the other will be used for it's original purpose, protecting furniture. ($62)

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