Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wax Job

At this weekend's DanceAfrica outdoor bazaar I hope to find an African print tote bag similar to this one. Handmade by women in Rwanda, part of a fair wage cooperative, there are nearly 30 steps involved in making the wax cloth. The term "wax" refers more to the manufacturing process rather than the texture of the cloth, and the process itself is very secretive. If you come across anything made from this fabric, purchase it immediately! This particular Textile Trade Tote from Anthropologie is the perfect summer accessory; use it to punch up that denim short and tank top ensemble, round it out with a pair of beaded sandals. ($48)

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Sia said...

I love anything with a bit of African flavour and that bag is just so nice. I am actually wearing a beautiful wooden beaded bracelet a friend just brought back for me from South Africa and it is my treasure.